Courtesy of Kelly Hartman Photography

As an interior designer, Emma  Levy missed the crafting aspect within her chosen profession, and as such, was drawn to the design and manufacturing of  jewellery.


Emma has always had a  passion for jewellery and for sourcing beautiful and interesting pieces from her travels, with a special interest in tribal/ bohemian styles.


As a result of her design influences, Emma's jewellery has an industrial almost graphic quality, while the shapes and decorative aspects are very much drawn from ethnic styles.


Working mainly in gold, silver and copper, Emma also loves to incorporate leather and/ or suede into her pieces for contrasting texture and colour.


Based in her studio in Melbourne, Emma has a range of pieces, and sells on commission.

Emma enjoys working closely with her clients to personalise the design to suit the individual. She makes one-of-a-kind pieces for special gifts and occassions.


Emma also does commission work, and gifts for those special occassions.

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